Reaching Youth with Character Development

Family Values:SYC program

We can change the world if, Each One Reaches One

It is not difficult to tackle mountains when you have an understanding how to overcome them. So many get a win in their lives and forget to lend a helping hand to bring others through the fire. When you give it will be given back to you. This is a divine law. We do reap what we sow, whether good or bad!

campers SYC12 (This is not my child). I am willing to help others with the development of their children. This is a calling. It has its challenges but my small team is committed to getting it done. Children deserve a safe place. So much out there is gunning to destroy or pervert the innocence of our youth. Join me in the Protecting Innocence Project.

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Impacting youth with leadership skills

This project is an innovative approach to youth development. Youth at Shekinah Ranch learn sustainability will learning problem solving, decision making, critical thinking and more. Teamwork is necessary for successful relationships. Shekinah Ranch is involved in naturally grown vegetables and fish through aquaculture, aquaponics as well as traditional soil production but without the use of chemicals, hormones or pesticides.