I Learned to Protect Myself at the Age of 10 (Part 1)

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When you consider children, watch them play, compete at sports or simply go to school you never know what they are having to deal with when they go home. Is home intact or is it a living hell. Some of you may relate. I know some of my fellow school mates grew up in turmoil right along with me. We didn’t necessarily know what the others were experiencing, but it was going on all the same time. Without knowing it we were each others support system.

Adults are removed much of the time from what is going on around them. I want to encourage you to take notice. You may be the determining force of intervention to change the outcome of what is going on everyday in the life of a child.

I was blessed to have a few coaches and some teachers that was sensitive and who cared enough to get involved. I also I had some friends who cared enough to be good enough friends who I was able to draw strength from. I seemed to find encouragement from them and their friendships. My siblings were not there so it was all I knew to make it through to my adult journey.

The chilling story I tell is my story. It is real and is not one of fiction or exaggeration. My story is one that will shock you and hopefully generate sobriety so you will to pay closer attention to your own children, while being a little more sensitive of the children around you. You never know how you could be the deciding factor for change for the better in the life of those around you!

Growing up with a dad who was a homosexual was not easy. It was painful. I mean HELL! Perverts were around all the time. It was the grace of God that I was not molested but I had to defend my manhood on several occasions. Don’t be fool by the propaganda that children are safe in homes that are comprised of same sex relationship. They are not safe. They are always in danger of being violated. Not just by those who are outside of the home but by those inside the home environment. It is an unnatural atmosphere and when in that kind of environment it is a breeding ground for victimization of all kinds. Lets remember when people cross the line they do not have a moral boundary that prevents them from going further. I am not saying all homosexual. I have met many people through out the years that were in the same situations with totally different outcomes. Sadly to say they were molested and are dealing with this sorrow of loss for a lifetime.

This is epidemic in our society. We must recognize that molesters are out there. We must live our lives with a zero tolerance mindset and posture to any form of victimization. There no justification for an adult to have sexual contact with a child for any reason at any time.

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To be Continued…..


Parenting with Purpose (Part 2)

Parents, you must wake up and take a close look at whats coming down the pike in our society and how it will affect your children. Quality decisions is a must if you expect to change the outcome of what impacts your children. Parents who desire to provide an upbringing for their children centered upon Moral Clarity have their work cut out for them. This society doesn’t consider moral correctness as a pattern, but rather is bent toward liberal views of anything goes. No boundaries! Get ready and get geared up and get into the fight of assuring that your children are safe, by teaching then strong moral clarity and life lessons, so they learn, grow and develop a mindset that no matter what others are doing, this is the way so let us walk in it.Image

You Can Make a Difference

The Birthing of a Movement

The cause of impacting our youth in not a new one for Shekinah Ranch , Pastor Donovan Larkins and his team of supporters.

We aim to provide advocacy for youth and their families on a scale that fosters a movement. Impacting youth with Character Development, Leadership Training and Strengthening youth with Moral Clarity is absolute vital for our day in these trouble times.

I am determined to get this done and turn the tide for at least some youth. I know what it is like having nobody as a child and walking through trouble. I grew up in home that was messed up. For a long time I had no one. Then God gave me a few great coaches and a few great school teachers that not only cared but took me under their protective caring arms. I found strength in that and contribute who I am today, partly do to this love and care. Todays youth are faced with so many more difficult decisions than I was even then (long story).

Pause for a moment and take close consideration; Your support can and will make a difference when partnering with a group such as Shekinah. We are getting it done.

Who said black men are not involved!

You and your influence can make all the different. Join up!!!


Impacting youth with leadership skills

This project is an innovative approach to youth development. Youth at Shekinah Ranch learn sustainability will learning problem solving, decision making, critical thinking and more. Teamwork is necessary for successful relationships. Shekinah Ranch is involved in naturally grown vegetables and fish through aquaculture, aquaponics as well as traditional soil production but without the use of chemicals, hormones or pesticides.