Protect Your Children From Pedophiles


There is never any reason or justification for an adult to have sexual contact with a child for any reason at any time.

Whenever a person is in question of their own sexuality they should not be trusted with your child or children. Men are to be men and women are to be women. Just because it has become popular to some to change their sexuality, does not make it right. Just because the government is seeking to legislate what the bible clearly deems sin does not make it morally correct. People would rather seek political correctness rather that pleasing God.

I realize everyone who reads this article is not a Christian believer, however, if you have a conscience you are very aware that children should and must be protected. People want to protect dogs from puppy mills and I am all for that, but we must put more effort and commitment into protecting our children from abusers, and pedophiles with the commitment of protecting their innocence. Prevention is far better. You would think; parents, youth workers and churches particularly, would be more sensitive and alert to the safety of children. Let us not soften of weaken when it comes to protecting America’s youth. Children deserve a safe place. An the thought of child pedophiles needs to be included in the discussion. Prevention is the thing we must concentrate on. What must we do to prevent perverts from victimize our children?

Here are some tips:
• Trust must be earned not given; no one has the right to be trusted without accountability!
• Require accountability; IF someone pushes for freedom of movement around your child; this should be cause for deep concern. “Red Flag”
• Don’t neglect your parental duty and responsibility. BE a responsible parent! Just because you are busy or have other important responsibilities does not give you just reason to abdicate protecting you family. Your children depend upon you for safety and leadership!

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