Support Shekinah Ranch Programming

I love to raise capitol that makes a positive impact. I teach on this so people can understand, if they give life opens up to them.

I hate to say it but most people do not understand how God created the universe. He created it to operate by a set of laws. Everything reproduces after its kind. The law of  in Genesis. The seed has seed in itself. When we plant we can grow for food or we can grow for seed. If we let it grow long enough we will grow our own seed. When you eat a watermelon; the seeds are in the watermelon. If you dry those seed and prepare them properly, one watermelon has the capacity to reproduce after its kind. WOW!!! What you do to others will be done unto you. In others words when you show acts of kindness, that is seed in the ground and it will grow. We must learn to water and cultivate it.

I want to thank all, who will take a moment and go to our fundraising site and see the video of what we are doing. Today is exciting! Today is another day of faith and miracles. Today is another opportunity to make an impact in the lives of people. As you view this blog, I encourage you to be encouraged and ready yourself for impact!


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