Community Based Agriculture (Part1)

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Food has taken a turn for the worse. Industrialized food is poor quality at its best. You have to make some quality decisions regarding what you will eat and how you will prepared it.

Shekinah Agriculture is working toward solving this dilemma for people who are willing to make a shift and assure themselves, their family and maybe their community quality and healthy food. Shekinah Farms is introducing community based food hubs.


Community Based Food Hubs is the answer to many problems. Its different but effective! The benefits are multi-facted. The problem with generating new models for living is most people are stuck in what is they are familiar with and accustomed to doing what they have done in the past. However, new models are necessary when the old models are broken. I assure you the old food distribution models are broken. The way food was grown and processed in the past are no long relevant. Industrialized food systems are synthetic. It is not even real food. It is harvested before it is ripe and ripened through artificial means. Gases, and other unnatural methods. The consumer eats it and don’t even know many times they are not nutritionally fit and in some cases just filler; making you fill full but lacking substance and nutritional content.

Chemicals and pesticides are killing American citizens.
Look at this CBS News Special;

The question is this, Can food be grown without chemicals? The answer is yes. Many farms in America have made the shift; just like Shekinah Farms now growing food without chemicals, hormones and pesticides. You too can learn how!

Take charge of the food you put into you mouth and body

We invite you to join our special team of sponsors and donors. For .50 cent a day you can make an impact on Shekinah Youth development. That amounts to $15.00 per month. You can make your donation by clicking on this link: Thank you in advance for your support. If this article has encouraged you or provided some insight please make a generous donation!

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3 thoughts on “Community Based Agriculture (Part1)

  1. It’s a dream to imagine a world where our food is grown without all the additives 🙂
    Unfortunately it’s not our reality and I think it’s largely to do with the never ending growth of this world of ours. However, well done in your efforts, I wish I could be there on harvest days to taste of the bounty.

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