A Persevering Mentality!

Have you ever been faced with multiple setbacks and obstacles? I mean everything seemingly falling apart all at one time. Did thoughts of giving up ever loom over you? Thoughts of defeat can bully themselves into your emotions, desire, fervency and every imagination.

What do you do? What can you do? Prayer is always an option. People who know how to pray and not just pray to past time, but pray to get results understand that prayer always require actions.

Fear is deceptive and will rob you of all creativity. Creativity is one vital tool that helps navigate us through the tough seasons of life. You must foster a constant push in your life. A push and a press through obstacles and setbacks in order to emerge into something greater than the obstacles and frustrations. It takes strength of character and strength of resolve. America is faced with many disappointments and sorrows.

Listed below are a few characteristics and principles necessary to maintain composure and move forward out of life’s storms.

These and other characteristics are necessary to navigate out of storms and sorrows. You must not allow a mentality of camping out in difficulties and keep rehearsing them over and over, hoping they disappear. Real answers come with purposeful and calculated plans and actions.

•Poise is necessary.
•Focus is the next component in the process toward change.
•Faith and Prayer are vital for strength and resilience
• Being around the right people is important.
•Courage to do what you have not done before. If you want what you’ve got keep doing what you are doing. If you want a different outcome you will have to be willing and committed to do what you have never done before.
• Persistence is the next most important quality. You must stick with it. Giving up will only lead to regret.

We will add other components when we post part 2


We are currently seeing new financial supporters. 100 people who will donate either $100 to $1000 to this great work. We are an outreach of Spirit of Life Training Center teaching people faith principles to foster understanding on how to climb up over their circumstances and win. Your immediate contribution is appreciated.

You can donate by clicking the following link:

http://www.razoo.com/story/Protecting-Innocence Project

Thank you in advance. Your generous contribution enables the Shekinah team to continue its work in building the lives of youth and their families!


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