Real Food

Real Food

If I were to change anything in my life; one thing would be what I have eaten throughout my lifetime; all the sugar, high fructose corn syrup forced upon us by modern day food producers. Awareness has made be smarter.

This one thing I know is, you can take charge of your own food consumption. You and I do not have to just accept what the food industry peddles over on us. We do have options. Its how you and I choose to go about our lives, whether we take charge of our lives, the direction we choose, the choices we make and at the end of the day what we become, what we eat and how it is prepared.

One vital question is you must ask yourself is, do I have to be dependent on what is set before me whether it is food or economic conditions? My choice is NO; I do not! Hopefully your decision will be no, as well.

Shekinah Ranch is involved in diversified agriculture, coupled with youth development. We are teaching youth how to make good decisions. What they eat and how it is prepared is one of the big decision they will have to make everyday of their lives. Hopefully they will walk away with some truths that will follow them for a lifetime. They are learning how real food is grown; what to do and certainly what not to do from the growing of it, to how it is prepared. Some of them may decide to grow their own food as they get older.

Shekinah tilapia is ready for purchase. We use no chemicals, as is used in modern day aquaculture or fish farming. What you put into your body over the long term will have a definite affect upon your health! We surely become what we eat!

Make a choice!

If you would like more information on Shekinahs Real Food email us a I look forward to sharing more with you on the subject of REAL FOOD. I love real food. I love sharing real food with all of our friends and readers.


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