Commentary on Obama and O’Reilly

Both of these mens commentaries are off. Even throughout in their speeches they bring out some very valid and interesting points. Their speeches miss the mark by huge margins.

Look; a 17 year old teenager was gunned down and is dead. It is not a time to mix race relations, back and forth debating about slavery, and politics. We must deal with the issue of why a young teenage black boy was gunned down for maybe protecting himself himself and the killer walks away do to a technicality that was put in some jack leg law? Maybe Trayvon was standing his ground. I am criticized by some, because I did not get all fluffy about the Presidents attempt to so call calm the nation. The nation should not be calm about this matter. We elected a President through what is known as a democratic process and then he gets in office and what does he do? He does not carry out the will of the people. Our President has decided to carry the agenda of certain lobby groups selective of his daughters and his personal agenda. He has set out to overthrow the moral fiber of America and to jeopardize the safety of our children. Mr. President we do not want our children gunned down in the street,  then when the law demonstrates injustice you tell us that we have to deal with it. Well we have elected to deal with it.

I personally encourage all who are concerned about a family in Florida whose son was murdered (while silly people argue over other details) to continue to boycott the state of Florida.

While O’Reilly makes very pointed and accurate observations and is correct on many of his points, he is way out in left field about the matter at hand. Trayvon was gunned down and is dead. Bill Cosby is a recent commentary of his own addressed some very real issues about the black community and the plight of making excuses. O’Reilly is right but ohhh so wrong. His racism shinned through more than his accurate observations about things that must be addressed and dealt within the African American culture. On the other hand, President Obama tip toed around the real issue even though he too is accurate about the need for african American boy and their need to be mentored. The real issue Mr. President and Mr O’Reilly,  Trayvon Martin was murdered and nothing is being done about it!

What do you say?


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