You Can Make a Difference

The Birthing of a Movement

The cause of impacting our youth in not a new one for Shekinah Ranch , Pastor Donovan Larkins and his team of supporters.

We aim to provide advocacy for youth and their families on a scale that fosters a movement. Impacting youth with Character Development, Leadership Training and Strengthening youth with Moral Clarity is absolute vital for our day in these trouble times.

I am determined to get this done and turn the tide for at least some youth. I know what it is like having nobody as a child and walking through trouble. I grew up in home that was messed up. For a long time I had no one. Then God gave me a few great coaches and a few great school teachers that not only cared but took me under their protective caring arms. I found strength in that and contribute who I am today, partly do to this love and care. Todays youth are faced with so many more difficult decisions than I was even then (long story).

Pause for a moment and take close consideration; Your support can and will make a difference when partnering with a group such as Shekinah. We are getting it done.

Who said black men are not involved!

You and your influence can make all the different. Join up!!!


Let us know your thoughts

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