ThaAnswer Editorial

ThaAnswer Editorial

There is a lot going on in the world today. We have reverted back to the early civil rights day for a black boy to have been gunned down and the killer be found innocent, get his gun back to go kill again. Zimmerman has now tasted blood.

Then there is the issue of black on black killing. A real issue. How do we deal with it? Certainly not for the President of the United States to get on TV and make a speech saying we all have to accept it, talk about the need for black boys to get mentored because their fathers aren’t in their lives.. I’m still wondering what that has to do with Trayvon Martin being gunned down.? I can see where he would have tried to protect himself. I would have too. That is why the nation is riled. Somebody clarify that for me. Then there this the issue of same sex marriage. Come on people! You can’t really believe that God approves of all of this. Men with men kissing on TV? There will be more natural disasters in our country for approving of lifestyles that God condemns. An yes God condemns homosexuality to the point that He destroyed Sodom. Every black person accepting this because the President is black is deceived by color. I think black people are racist sometimes. If a white boy was gunned down by a black man and the black man walked away would we be equality as upset. If a white President would have endorsed same sex would blacks be saying everyone has a right to love who they want. All this is soooo stupid. Now to my final thought. President Obama made it a point to tell an NBA basketball player who stands up; as if he is doing some heroic thing, saying, he is homosexual and the President takes time out of legislative day and calls him on the phone to tell him he is a hero but Stevie Wonder stands up to lead the boycott against Florida for the sickening thing that has taken place there with the Trayvon Martin case and people are saying the President made a good speech. Well I still say the President tip toed around the real issue. Use your legislative power MR. President to do something real.

Put policy in place that makes it tough to kill a person and walk away. Put some policy in place that empower communities to get back to work. Put some policies in place that stop gas companies and utility companies from squeezing the American people. Why not take this legislative power you have a help preserve the Voters Rights Act. Put some policy in place that help prevent sexual predators from getting to the American Children right in the face of America by hijacking groups that gear toward children; The Scouts, and now Sesame Street. Do something great Mr. President. Save the Children!


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