Presdient Obama Speaks

This Editorial from ThaAnswer is for the purpose of speaking what we feel is another from of injustice, in that, the President did not address the real issues of the many blacks who are being wrongfully treated by the justice system.
Where did the Florida case go wrong and how can the justice system be fixed?; the laws they wrongfully draft, how they were drafted in the first place and their intent. We have a dead 17 year old that was killed for minding his own business. He was stalked by a want to be cop, and killed on his way home from getting some candy. He wasn’t; as suggested, robbing homes or cars. He was minding his own business. Killed because he was trying to protect himself from someone who followed him. Mrs President please address the issues! This was a missed opportunity for President Obama to thank Stevie Wonder for his leadership and others who will not let this go until there is justice!


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